Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What is Brand Strategy?

Brand Strategy is the streamlining and consolidation of your brand’s identity in relation to its goals. Think of a brand strategy as your company’s blueprint for achieving perceptive success. There are many factors that go into a company’s brand strategy such as logo development, website design, deck layout, and more. All of these assets serve as tools to set a brand’s direction as it pushes forward and upward.

Does My Company Really Need Brand Strategy?

Short answer. Yes. Think of your brand strategy as your company’s ability to communicate its principles, values, and achievements to both internal and external stakeholders. Without a solid brand strategy in place, then it would be harder for your company to stay consistent in its messaging and communications, both of which are crucial to building a brand’s cache and perception. 

Do You Offer Social Media Management?

Yes. We offer a retainer for our social media management services. This retainer covers various aspects of social media brand strategy including photoshoots, content scheduling, copy development, and social media profile design layout.