2019 – 2020


Brand Identity Design



Dash Hospitality Consultancy is a collection of business venture interconnected via the ‘Food and Beverage’ industry, providing a wide range of F&B Solutions.

Cream of the crop
. Presenting 13 versions, the Dash logo was chosen for its bold mix of corporate functionality and dash of personality. The condensed, lowercase letters make the name readable and unique to the brand, while the line at the top reinforces the brand name and subtly hints that Dash delivers, from start to finish.

Dash in a nutshell. Sleek, minimalistic website design guides the eye to the copy— an essential element that shows what Dash can do. The home page opens with a bold introduction, then, the layout ushers viewers to an overview of services and partners, wows them with an impressive track record, neatly-arranged testimonials, and lastly, a button that nudges the viewer to get in touch.