2019 – 2020


Brand Strategy
Brand Identity Design
Creative Direction


Environmental Design


SunPride Foods, Inc. is one of the leading manufacturers of affordable protein in the Philippines. The team created the new Factory Outlet brand, LaMeats by Sunpride, a business model which will be spread all over Visayas and Mindanao in the next five years.

They transformed factory outlets into depots that deliver fresh meat straight to every Cebuano’s doorsteps, a timely initiative for those experiencing anxiety during the height of the COVID-19 outbreak.  

Detached from the market.
There is no way of knowing how people think and operate unless we talk to them. Going beyond creative work, the team went on the ground to validate the market’s needs and understand how to gently nudge them to shop at LaMeats! 

“Validation work is important.” -Johanna Michelle Lim, Chief Brand Strategist


Through competitor research and store inspection, the team uncovered the brand’s unique value proposition of cleanliness. LaMeats! is the only meat shop in the province with no open meat layout; everything is packed and sealed which prevents contamination.


Following with name studies, the team took it up a notch and presented how the logo would look if they chose a particular name. Among the options were Meat & More, XXX, and LaMeats!


Social chops and cuts. Dual Story managed their social media platforms, eventually providing branded templates their internal team could use for future application. A color palette of cadmium red and carribean green, rounded typefaces, and mouthwatering visuals peppered our social media work.

Meat the influencers
. With influencer marketing, public figures with huge followings within the C&D market did grocery shopping in the LaMeats! E-commerce platform, ramping up hype for the unique business model and the products they have in store.

Having gone through a consumer-driven brand strategy process, Sunpride’s CEO saw the impact of branding. This process became instrumental to the branding work they did for their 50th anniversary.