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With the global crisis brought by COVID-19, crop contracts from suppliers are stalled or cancelled altogether, and the farmers of Mt. Manunggal are having a hard time disposing of and selling their fruits and vegetables. Despite crop production, their households are experiencing food insecurity. Dual Story as the marketing partner, is taking proactive measures to provide farmers with market access during the pandemic, through an enhanced brand identity and the creation of a digital management plan that can connect them straight to the consumers.

Rigid border control prevented rural farmers from traveling to the heart of the city to sell their wares which were eventually
left to rot.

Show, don’t tell. Designed by architect Bryan Auman, we functionalized the logo for packaging boxes, social media, and merchandise. The energetic colors modernize the brand, while the typographic play on ‘ecovillage’ place emphasis on the name and its thrust on sustainability.

Words matter, too. Dual Story assisted in name studies, narrowing the options to ‘project’ or ‘ecovillage’. Project connotes a short-term commitment, while ecovillage implies a more sustainable model— a microcosm of the sustainability impact the proponents aim to create in the Manunggal area.

The big idea. Farmer’s Present is a subscription brand we crafted around the notion of selling what the earth gives. For four weeks, the farmers’ produce were delivered to the doorsteps of 100 target subscribers, neatly packed in a leafy mystery box with
recipes for application.

The vibrant, nature-focused brand identity drew interest in the digitalscape. The first post alone received 200+ shares, collecting inquiries and subscriptions from conscious-minded locals. Mt. Manunggal Ecovillage sold 100 kilos of crops by the end
of the initiative.


Once conditions normalize, the Ecovillage, with the aid of Dual Story, intends to launch another phase of lobbying for improved infrastructure in the area.