Sinulog Foundation, Inc.

2019 – 2020


Brand Identity Design
Content Development and Publishing
Creative Direction


Strategic Alliances
Sponsorship Acquisition and Management


Sinulog Guide 2020 is the first-of-its-kind official publication of the 2020 Sinulog Grand Festival Celebration. It contains all the necessary information visiting guests need to have a safe and meaningful festival experience. Commissioned by the Cebu City Sinulog Governing Board, the team created the guide — from concept down to printing — in only two months.

Faces of Sinulog.
Fronting the Sinulog Guide is a band of people, crafted to represent the diverse facets and characters of the festival: a tight-knit family of four, the tita with the classic Filipino paypay (fan), two college students ready for the parties, a Korean and Western foreigner brought in by the festival’s global fame, and the Sinulog Queen swaying to the beat with Sto. Niño in hand.

“In Sinulog, people from different walks of life are brushing shoulder to shoulder with mirth and excitement. We wanted to exude all that energy.” -Bunny Bailoses, Senior Graphic Designer

Snippets and snapshots. Grounded on the content, the illustrations add a visual dimension to textual elements. For instance, the college students are splashed with paint in a page that alerts the festival goers to unsolicited body paint, while the Korean foreigner watches a firework show in an article on must-try’s in Cebu.

Stringing them together. Generously sprinkled throughout the guide book are illustrations by four distinct artists— cohesively tied together with a streamlined vector art style and the festive hues of blue, red, orange, and turquoise.