Brand Strategy

Why it works

Brands are living things. They change right before your eyes. Whatever stage in your business you’re at, whether you’re still starting, are on the cusp of accelerating, or (especially if) you’re on killing the game, the strategy allows you to see your destination clearly. When you work on strategy first, resources — your time, effort, and funding — are laid out with intention, allowing you to create a brand with purpose and substance.

What to expect

A four-week intensive (but guided) brand strategy process where we explore your brand with fresh eyes.

Is it for you?

It’s for you when:

Your brand is at its startup stage and you need to build core
foundations like its vision, mission, and core values

Your brand is at its growth stage and you need to have
a clearer structure on your brand narrative

Your brand is celebrating a milestone and you need to
put in place the next stage of development

Your brand is on top of its field and you find the need to
disrupt yourself to constantly remain relevant

What we can deliver

It’s for you when:

1. Brand Audits

2. Brand Narrative

3. Vision and Mission Statement Crafting

4. Tagline Revisit

5. Five-Year Plan 6. One-Year Plan