Creative Direction

Why it works

For every Instagram photo, there’s an Instagram boyfriend, or an agency that knows what it’s doing. If you have a vision, we help you pull it off through photoshoots, video productions, casual conversations, sit-down dinners with stakeholders, and everything else in between.

What to expect

From our initial meetup, we’ll send you a Timeline and Production plan that’ll help you see how the project willpan out.

Is it for you?

It’s for you if:

you want to highlight short-term projects like campaigns,
limited-edition products, or exclusive collections

your brand is on the cusp of growing stale, and you want
to disrupt or reintroduce yourself to the market

you want to execute a personal vision that is separate
from a brand’s institutional identity

What we can deliver

1. Art Direction during Photography or Videography sessions
2. Press Conference
3. Brand Launch
4. Packaging Prototyping
5. Publication Design
6. Web Design