2019 – 2020


Brand Identity Design



SB Corp or Small Business Corporation is the government arm of the Department of Trade and Industry committed to allocating 10 billion pesos to Philippine micro, small, and medium enterprises (MSMEs) struggling amid the pandemic

Keeping to essentials
. With hifalutin terms pared off, the simplified tagline of “Where MSMEs go to grow” is understood at a glance by their lower to middle class market of micro-entrepreneurs.

For the modern world. The logo with bolder, retrofitted elements and symbolic colors is a visual representation of SB Corp’s fight for an educated, engaged and empowered MSME ecosystem.

“Even government bodies need branding. They need to come up as a credible institution, not only to their partner stakeholders but to the citizens that they vow to serve.”

– Johanna Michelle Lim, Chief Branding Strategist