City of Ormoc

2019 – 2020


Content Development and Publishing
Creative Direction



The city of Ormoc in Samar rejuvenated their arts program under the leadership of artist mayor Richard Gomez. Under his governance, the Ormoc Museum was strengthened to be a platform for celebrated and upcoming artists. Dual Story was commissioned by the city to create a Catalog as a capsule to preserve their talent, and as a tool for visitors to better appreciate the collection.

Architecture as visual language.
As the old City Hall, Ormoc Museum’s architectural design is well-known. The museum has no logo nor visual identity, but the familiarity of its architecture is branding in itself; we reflected this in the Catalog’s cover with a monoline illustration that pares the brand down to its most essential form.

“Blue is a good color for Ormoc,” said the project’s leading designer Julius, who grew up in the port city and pitched the catalog’s classic blue theme. He retold how the city has an ordinance regulating air rights in order to preserve the beautifully blue view of Ormoc Bay and the skies above.

With respect to retrospect. Giving dignity to a young museum with historical roots, Dual Story featured its art in a clean, contemporary layout interspersed with the occasional one-color photo reminiscent of an old risograph flyer.